Winter Salsa

Back to school, and Chicago once again makes good on its winter vows. But I’ll yield my rant to every other north-midwesterner in America who will tell you just as much about the cold, and instead pull out a small assemblage of photos I took at a salsa event last month. We can, at least, all pretend to be warm.

I have never danced salsa before, doubt I will anytime soon, but being a dancer myself (albeit of an entirely different genre) the invitation to photograph the event was too personally enjoyable to be labelled a task. In fact, I ended up taking numerous photos in monochrome for myself in addition to formal documentation, shared here. More are to come in a follow-up post.

On a somewhat related note, I now have an instagram account! So far the platform is a love-and-hate for me — especially in terms of the 1:1 composition and my lack of ability to handle a smartphone — but it’s great to be able to lay out some of the stuff I’ve been up to in the past few months. It feels as if I’m visualising for myself and others the work-in-progress that all this is. Speaking of which, the salsa photos will be uploaded on instagram as a mini-series.


Any and all comments are appreciated! :)

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