Subject to Object

Photos I, IV: SOUTH KOREA. Seoul. 2013.
Photo II: SOUTH KOREA. Busan. 2013.
Photo III: SOUTH KOREA. Bundang. 2013.

Photography is a still. By this I mean that, regardless of the motion–unless the motion itself is part of the capture–the subjects photographed are necessarily also objects in the scene. The relationship in the shot with the man juxtaposed with the lighthouse is, in this sense, not man-lighthouse but object-object. Then there are such inanimate objects as mannequins which, in photographs, take on a personality. Photography conflates the two.

I was never really interested in street photography until the combination of an excellent art history class on 20th-century photography and an awesome friend got me into it. Over last year’s winter break that I spent in Korea, I started randomly wandering the streets and shooting scenes I found interesting. The temperature often fell quite far below zero; I remember being paranoid about having my camera malfunction, since I knew even less about handling cameras properly then than I do now. I’m still not too far along, but already in retrospect I’m convinced that getting into street photography was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Hopefully I’ll see progress as I carry on with the blog.



Any and all comments are appreciated! :)

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