Variety in Vertical

FRANCE. Paris. 2014.

Hooray for updated watermarks! All existing and upcoming photos have been re-marked after I figured that big, obtrusive blocks of texts weren’t exactly conducive to viewing pleasure. I’ll henceforth be sticking to the revised signature.

Lately I’ve been trying some new stuff with vertical framing. All four shots above were taken on the same day, consciously framed very differently. I’ve noticed that when taking photos, I subconsciously focus on a distinct unit — for example, a single person or object or a single group of people or objects — then frame using the background. Stepping away from this habit was part of the challenge. Also: over these past two weeks of no posts, I’ve accumulated here in Paris a bunch of photos that I haven’t yet had the chance to go through. Once again, I’ve been working most extensively with black-and-white photography, but I suspect we may be getting a little more colour soon! In the meantime I’ll begin uploading photos that I took during my visit home to South Korea last winter (partly to make up for my recent lack of posts). Expect more content over the next few days!



  1. OH.
    SO I started scrolling through these photos and I was like “damn these photos are gorgeous and I want to purchase and frame the second one..who is the photographer?!?” And then I saw your name on the photos and then I called over Anjali and then we started hyperventilating over how much we love these. You vertically frame things quite well! c;
    Also, it looks like you’ve improved so much over the course of this trip so far! Ahhh this is making me want to shoot with you again!! 😀
    Can’t wait for more! ❤ ❤ ❤



    1. Oh wow, thanks Hoda. So generous with compliments :’D Your tripod photos are turning out brilliantly, no? I’d love to go for a shoot again (once we can) 😛


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